Favorite Eating Establishments

I was really hungry when I was setting up categories for the site. I plan on revealing my favorite places to chow down right here for all to see. When you are out and about, hopefully these reviews will delight your palate and enhance your travels, cases of food poisoning excepted of course.


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Traveled all over the northern hemisphere during my working years. But I have never been below the equator. I would really like to make New Zealand and Australia at some point. Also on my bucket list of destinations are Maine, Nova Scotia, the Canadian Rockies, British Columbia and ultimately Heaven.


Travel section is a work in progress




Social Media

OK, I confess. This might be construed by some narrow minded people as a rant. To them, my sincerest apologies. Hopefully most will see the information as extremely enlightening. Or you can just ignore it and mutter about me under your breath.


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"Corrupt politicians make the other ten percent look bad."
--Henry Kissinger